Imagineer Announces Plans for 2009

We haven’t heard much from the folks at Imagineer since some big changes at the company in the second half of last year. Today they announced that the first half of the year will see significant upgrades to their mocha and mocha for After Effects tracking products. They also plan to announce details on upgrades on Mokey and Monet during the second quarter of the year — one might imagine this happening around the NAB time frame.

In addition, they’ve reduced prices on their products with Mocha now at US$995, Mokey and Monet at US$2,995, Motor at US$495, and Mocha for After Effects at US$199. For the full details in the company press release, click through for more….

New Pricing Strategies, Upgrade Paths and New VFX Tools Reflect Requirements of Expanding Customer Base, New Growth

GUILDFORD, UK (February 3, 2009) Imagineer Systems, creators of next-generation VFX tools,creators of next-generation VFX tools, today announced that it has implemented aggressive plans to meet the requirements of an increasingly diverse and growing customer base of VFX artists and post production facilities in 2009. With key emphasis on addressing customer feedback and a much wider user base, Imagineer Systems is highlighting three primary objectives in 2009:
Delivering several new releases of VFX solutions that leverage Imagineer’s signature planar tracking technology;

Delivering substantive enhancements to its entire, existing product line

Overhauling its pricing structure — across the board — to better reflect customer requirements.

“2009 will be a pivotal year for Imagineer Systems’ customers,” said Allan Jaenicke, chief executive officer of Imagineer Systems. “We spent much of the second half of 2008 watching market trends and listening closely to customers. And our customers are giving us a clear picture of the kinds of tools they need, and what features and capabilities they find valuable. We’re pouring our efforts into meeting those needs in 2009 and we intend to deliver on a number of these customer-focused initiatives throughout the year, starting with ensuring our solutions are not only valuable, but affordable to our ever-expanding customer base.”

Pricing Strategy: Valuable and Affordable
Among Imagineer Systems’ first priority of 2009 is an aggressive restructuring of its pricing strategy. Echoing customer requirements, Imagineer is committing to continually adding significant value to the VFX workflow, and delivering solutions that are more affordable to its growing customer base of large post production facilities, to small boutique design shops and independent freelancers and students. As a result, Imagineer Systems is announcing the following pricing schedule for its solutions:

  • monet: US$2,995
  • mokey: US$2,995
  • mocha: US$995
  • motor: US$495
  • mocha for After Effects: US$199

New Products: Coming Soon and In the Pipeline

Among its first key deliverables for customers this quarter, Imagineer Systems will announce a new version of mocha for After Effects, and a highly useful and powerful plug-in for Adobe After Effects that will greatly enhance the workflow for After Effects users. Details on these new products will be formally announced shortly. mocha for After Effects is a powerful planar tracking tool developed specifically for artists using Adobe After Effects and modeled after the Company’s industry renowned standalone tracking solution, mocha.

Additionally in the first half of 2009, Imagineer Systems will deliver a powerful new upgrade to mocha, with added features and capabilities that again reflect the expanding demands on VFX artists and that create a powerful, streamlined VFX workflow. Details will be announced in the second quarter, 2009, along with details of exciting new upgrades planned for Imagineer’s flagship products monet and mokey.

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