Life After Pi and Oscar march plans

Last year, while Life of Pi was sweeping award season, the primary company behind the visual effects was heading into bankruptcy. A protest outside the Oscars was organized that drew almost 500 people. Once the Oscar’s actually began visual effects artists were energized further by an awkward introduction to the category followed by VFX winner Bill Westenhofer’s mic being cut off as he started to bring up the business issues. Last years ceremony was so brutal that in a recent Variety article titled “Academy: We Will Get Visual Effects Oscar Presentation Right This Year” David S. Cohen reports that “According to an Academy insider, the org knows that people were unhappy with last year’s vfx presentation and is committed to handling the category this year in a way that will please the vfx community.”

Life After Pi

LifeAfterPiDuring the bankruptcy of Rhythm & Hues artists working there realized the importance of what was happening and set out to document events. The first result of this is being released on February 25th as a mini documentary called “Rhythm & Hues: Life After Pi”. This piece is actually a segment of a larger feature film length documentary called “Hollywood Ending”.  

You can learn more at

UPDATE (Feb 26, 2014): The trailer was removed and the 30 minute film has been released:

March in March

jfh_20130224_VFXunite_7385Organizers have announced a follow up rally outside this year’s Oscar presentation called the “March in March”. The event is designed to “demonstrate support for more media awareness on the damaging effects of this issue to taxpayers, companies, and working families. This is not a demonstration to protest work going elsewhere or keeping work in California. This is a demonstration asking the film studios to let us compete on a level playing field without the distortive effects of government subsidies.”

More information and sign up details via this Facebook group:

There is also a rally BBQ this Sunday February 23rd, 2014 in Culver city to meet organizers face to face and answer questions.

Details can be found:

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  1. I am so glad that someone is creating a documentary of this. It is a story that needs to be told from all sides. The industry needs to find a way to become a profitable business model that supports the artists.

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