Adobe today released Lightroom 4 as a public beta. The version will not upgrade your current library, rather the new version will sit beside your old Lightroom and requires a separate library (for now). Many people will be writing about the new features and the improved new Develop module, as we will too no doubt, over the coming weeks but the most welcome surprise for us was that Lightroom now reads .r3d files and happily plays the EPIC clips right in the UI. While video grading is not meant to yet be supported, some adjustments from the current Develop presets can be applied to video files, namely:

White Balance

Basic Tone: Exposure, contrast, white clipping, black clipping, saturation and Vibrance

Tone curves

Color Treatments

Split Toning

Process Versions

and Calibration.

Both Adobe and User presets can be applied to 5K EPIC .r3d files.

This is short of full Develop module functionality but it all bodes well for the future and signals a very exciting new direction for this already very successful product. It should be remembered that until recently Adobe had no primary 'grading products' for videos, apart from the powerful embedded tools in AE and Premier. It should be noted that it isn't a workable tool at this stage, but definitely worth checking out if you like cutting-edge betas.

The beta download is here.

- Above: watch an Adobe summary video on the new improvements of the key Develop module. You can see more videos about Lightroom 4 from Adobe here.

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2 Responses to Lightroom 4 reads and (sort of) grades EPIC r3d clips

  1. I’ve been already creating looking and feel Presets and then Applying them to an image sequence as a group, with surprisingly good results. But with .R3D Epic support and the advancement of Lightroom software tools I can really see Lightroom taking off as a Color Grading application for Digital cinema production.

    Posted by Nathaniel Westveer on
  2. I was waiting for this one… Exciting times!

    Posted by Julien on

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