The Foundry’s MARI coming to OS X

If you missed the Apple WWDC keynote, Phil Schiller mentioned that The Foundry and PIXAR would be showing off something at a sneak peek at the new Mac Pro. We know know what it is: MARI on OSX.

We normally don’t just publish press releases, but we wanted to get this news out as soon as we could. So here you go:


MARI coming to the Mac this year

London, 10th June 2013 – Leading computer graphics and visual effects software developer, The Foundry is pleased to announce that MARI will be coming to the Mac later this year.

MARI is the most fluid and natural way to paint in 3D. It makes life simple for artists by allowing them to paint directly onto 3D models and is capable of handling super high-resolution textures and millions of polygons.

In March 2013, The Foundry launched MARI 2, a revolutionary version of the software, featuring a brand new, artist-focused layer system.

Staying true to MARI’s roots this major release focused on enhancing the painting experience for 3D artists. The addition of the new layer system means MARI is easier to use than ever before and will be a familiar working environment for users of Adobe® Photoshop® and other layer based paint tools.

“The Foundry has done an incredible job bringing MARI to the Mac,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “MARI’s high-resolution textures and 3D painting capabilities take full advantage of the incredible power and stability of the Mac.”

“Bringing MARI to the Mac is without a doubt our most requested innovation,” said Bill Collis, The Foundry’s CEO. “MARI will take full advantage of Apple’s current hardware and we can’t wait for the next generation Mac Pro.”

About MARI and its history

Originally developed at Weta Digital the software is production proven and was designed to meet the needs of even the most challenging VFX projects. The Foundry took over development of MARI in April 2010 and released MARI 1.0 in July that year. Today the software is widely used in the film industry and beyond. MARI was the primary 3D paint tool used on 9 of the 10 features shortlisted in the category of ‘Visual Effects’ in the 2013 Academy Awards® including The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Avengers and Prometheus.

6 thoughts on “The Foundry’s MARI coming to OS X”

  1. stefan muherlo

    can u post the special session video on this the foundry site says its on the dev site and i cant log in to dev site too much traffic

  2. Francis Pimenta

    what i have heard is that the only reason because mari wasn’t on osx the missing of opengl 4.
    it’s suprising that they make a big buzz about mari on osx and the main reason was apple didn’t updated there drivers…. opengl 4 is over 3 years old!!!

  3. Anyone know where the Foundry Pixar Mari special video is? I’ve logged onto the Apple dev site and can see all the other session vids but not the ‘special’ lunchtime ones. Really want to check that one out. Any idea’s anyone?

    1. John Montgomery

      I’ve been checking as well.

      It seems as though they’re not posting it. I asked The Foundry and they said it was going to be recorded, but….guess no.

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