We thought we'd point you to some of the latest work from Mirada, the new studio collaboration between director Guillermo del Toro, director Mathew Cullen, cinematographer Guillermo Navarro and executive producer Javier Jimenez.

Mirada created concepts and animation for Chris Milk's newest interactive music video experience called 3 Dreams of Black for the team of Danger Mouse and composer Daniele Luppi's Spaghetti Western-inspired concept album ROME featuring Jack White and Norah Jones.

The interactive video is optimized for Google Chrome and was built entirely in WebGL. Mirada worked with Google, Radical Media and North Kingdom on the project, devising the video's 3D assets, which included polygonal morphing animals that have flocking behaviors in a kind of 'soup' controlled by the viewer, as well as 'destruction' triggers that are set off as the experience continues. Here's a video showing the animation development for Life Soup growth and herding behaviors.

Animation development

Mirada has a case study on the ROME experience available on its website with more videos and details on the tech behind the production.

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