MODO 801 – just released

The Foundry today announced the launch of MODO 801, the newest version of its 3D software. Some added features include Nodal Shading, a re-written Referencing workflow and more tools for snapping, animation, particles, hair, fur, painting, UV unwrapping and texture baking.

Below you can check out a few videos from The Foundry outlining general improvements, the Nodal Shading implementation, and animation enhancements inside MODO.

Find out more about MODO 801 at The Foundry’s website.

6 thoughts on “MODO 801 – just released”

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  2. I love that they have a pretty comprehensive implication of the Bullet solver, but it kind of feels lacking given Modo doesn’t have any of the fracture functionality, as Houdini does, to break apart geometry in the first place.

  3. I did just notice the Shatter Script they Introduced, wonder why this wasn’t a key highlight. There wouldn’t be any Fx artist who would stand up and cheer for Dynamic simulations without the ability shatter elements.

    I’ve grown weary of off the shelf, one click shatters though. In the real world you need to art direct how something breaks a lot more.

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