More Autodesk SIGGRAPH announcements

We attended the Autodesk press conference today to get the latest on their announcements at the show. We’ll be detailing what’s new and interesting in one of our fxguidetv episodes from SIGGRAPH but in the meantime here’s a brief recap in addition to the Maya 2010/Toxik news:

  • Launched Mudbox 2010. Photoshop layer support and better integration with other products via FBX (press release)
  • New “Suites for Digital Entertainment Creation”. What others call software bundles…contains multiple products at a discounted (35% and higher) price point. (entertainment suite info, real time animation suite info
  • Launched Softimage 2010. Now includes Face Robot, an expanded ICE environment, and acceleration enhancements with GigaCore III. (press release)
  • New Connection Extension for 3ds Max 2010. Includes multilayer OpenEXR files with advanced options for transferring extra elements (camera information, scripted data)
  • Launched Motion Builder 2010 (press release)