Jaunt has been one of those VR companies that fxguide has kept a close eye on. The reason is, the company has been delivering, and not just talking about, VR experiences - both by partnering with content creators and developing VR camera systems since its inception in 2013. Now Jaunt looks to continue doing a lot more of exactly that after Disney led a US $65 million investment in the firm.

The round of funding included The Walt Disney Company, Evolution Media Partners – a partnership of CAA-backed Evolution Media Capital, TPG Growth and Participant Media, and China-based China Media Capital (CMC). Other investors already include Google Ventures, Highland Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Sky and SV Angel - bringing Jaunt’s total funding so far to over US$100m.

A still from Earth Encounter, made by Jaunt and Stress Level Zero.
A still from Earth Encounter, made by Jaunt and Stress Level Zero.

The injection of funds is intended to allow Jaunt to grow its existing Palo Alto headquarters and Los Angeles studio, which is still relatively new.

“This round further illustrates our commitment and dedication to advancing the scope of cinematic VR – for filmmakers, storytellers, and audiences alike,” said Jens Christensen, CEO and co-founder of Jaunt, in a release. “With the support of these world-class companies, we will explore new avenues, building on our leadership position to deliver amazing VR experiences using best-in-class tools, technology, and creative teams.”

“We have been closely monitoring the evolution of video technology on the global horizon, and are excited about the potential for VR,” added Ruigang Li, Chairman of China Media Capital, also in a release. “It is having implications in areas such as film, television, games, sports, mobile, as well as other entertainment content and experiences where CMC has a profound connection and substantial engagement. Jaunt will be an important step in CMC’s foray into this global entertainment technology revolution.”

Jaunt's VR demos at IBC 2015.
Jaunt's VR demos at IBC 2015.

Of course, the funding will aid in development of Jaunt’s VR camera system, now called Jaunt ONE. The 360 degree camera features a fully synchronized global shutter sensor array, HDR imaging and, frankly, a pretty neat looking design.

You can check out some of the content Jaunt has already made or partnered with other studios to create, including ‘Earth Encounter’ made with Brandon Laatsch’s digital content studio Stress Level Zero. Head over to Jaunt’s website for more information.

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