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image003.pngQuantel’s regional office in Burbank was broken into last week, and the company’s brand new Neo control panel for its Pablo color correction system was taken. Quantel introduced Neo at NAB in Las Vegas. The stolen Neo was one of only a few in existence, and was slated for use in a series of upcoming demo sessions, says Quantel. And while its impressive design “might have caught the thief’s attention, the unit is worthless without a companion Pablo system and the company’s V4 code to drive it” commented the company. Searches on ebay has failed to spot it. Any leads regarding Neo’s disappearance can be directed to the company

5 thoughts on “neo stolen”

  1. Shadey dealer

    WTS 1 slightly used Quantel NEO color correction system. Like brand spanken NEW!

    Does not ship with Pablo system and V4 code.

    Please only serious bidders.

    Must have at least 5 postive feed backs.

  2. Don’t look in ebay that is a waste of time.

    Search in vfx forums. I bet someone will get caught asking how he should proceed to put that to work with After Effects.

    Now seriously this is a bit odd and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone who already has a Pablo system and is entitled to upgrades “ordered” one of those free of charge.

    Best thing is to start warning customers since they will be the only ones who would have reasons to buy that.

    But this is the type of thing that sounds fishy to me since that thing isn’t exactly pocket size. Who would have all the effort to break in and get out with something of the size of a refrigerator without knowing exaclty what is? Computers, monitors, printers and even furniture would be a sure shot for any burgler that has no relation with VFX.

    It’s like stealing a McLaren F1 and then hoping to use it daily to drive to work.

    Anyway…good luck I hope that thise thing show up.

  3. Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity. Its like staling the control unit of a spaceship by only owning a bicycle! haha.

  4. It sounds more like a marketing ploy to me. A nice opportunity to get some free press. Does anyone else think it bears a striking resemblance to the Baselight panel?!

  5. Thieves- possibly the lowest form of life.

    This reminds me of the time Shoreline video was looted, and had a D2 machine stolen.
    Im sure the guy who stole it thought he got screwed because his VHS tape wouldn’t play in it.

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