Peter Wolf – leading the way for deaf filmmakers

Mike had the opportunity to meet deaf filmmaker Peter Wolf and his wife Margaret at the Cine Gear Expo in LA recently. Their production company, Peter Wolf Productions, produces movies with actors performing in sign language.

We wanted to acknowledge Peter’s incredible contribution to the deaf community over many years through his films. In the video below, Mike talks to Peter and Margaret about their work and some of the cool gear they use from Steadicam to Segways.

3 thoughts on “Peter Wolf – leading the way for deaf filmmakers”

  1. Wow, that is actually really cool. Mike, you seemed to lose interest for a little bit around 2 minutes, and some miscommunication is to be expected. But really enjoyed hearing about this.

  2. I did not lose interest… I may however have been VERY jetlagged having just flown in 12 hours previous – and i may have been trying to think of my next question – but FAR from lose interest….

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