It is always great to see inside a photographer's camera bag ! We were asked for a current typical Epic run down so we asked Jason Wingrove if we could see his typical Epic setup (although as you'll hear much is applicable to high end Canon 5D work also).
Below is our RC special video look inside Director Jason Wingrove's typical indie camera package. NB: After seeing Jason's love of the TrekPak case, the company has offered 10% off all cases and adjustable rigs, if you use the check out code WINGROVE  (Worldwide).

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  • Craig Macon

    Very insightful. Thanks for sharing!

  • Robert Wojda

    Jason and Mike,

    Great segment as always. Something that caught my attention. I run Dionic 90’s as well. When we travel we were packing them in our checked bags with the rest of the gear which is what you said you were doing. At NAB we talked with the Anton Bauer rep and the topic came up. He stated very clearly for us that we should not check these in and must carry them on board. He said that TSA will take them out of your checked bag and discard them if they find them. I’ve checked them in a lot without having any lost but at around $500 a piece I am not going to risk it.

    See you in the airport,
    Bob Wojda

  • Brian Hunt

    Thanks for posting this guys,
    Jason what is the housing you have your Variable ND filter in?