The RealTime Conference (RTC) will proceed with a series of virtual events next week. The RTC was founded as a means of bringing businesses, technology, and industry leaders together to discuss and highlight real-time graphics and data. RTC will kick off April 6-7, and anyone can now become a part of this growing online community. Attendees will hear from key researchers, artists and innovators from Intel, Epic Games, Google, Facebook, Adobe, Activision, Daimler, Spatial, Weta Digital, Digital Domain, Pixar and more discuss advances, practical applications and the future of real-time technology across several major markets. All sessions are open to the public, but to view it live, you must register to attend.

“The current situation has shown us how vital it is for people to remain connected, even when they can’t physically engage,” said Jean-Michel Blottière, founder of RTC. “Our mission to create a platform for innovators to meet and share ideas is more important than ever, which is why we are planning to share this with everyone for free.”

Oscar Winner Rob Legato (on set), one of the key presenters.

Blottière has assembled an incredible array of speakers and the interactive live sessions will be limited capacity, although some sessions will be posted later. “The current crisis forced us to re-invent ourselves and move ahead faster than we otherwise would have, but it means we are now creating this first event fully virtually,” he explains. “As part of that, we have developed a whole new strategy shifting from the one-off annual event in NY and Paris to a series of monthly events, leading to one major event – all with the aim of bringing the real-time community together. This is really interesting and really exciting.”

The format will not be just webinar talk after webinar talk, instead, each dedicated session will have one or two keynote talks, of around 25 mins, followed by a series of short TED-style 10 mins talks culminating in a lively panel discussion.

Virtual attendees will be able to engage directly with both presenters and peers through a series of demonstrations and discussions, with live sessions timed to allow the maximum number of visitors from around the world. Sessions will focus on Architecture, Virtual Production, Automotive, Telepresence, Avatars, Intelligent Agents and Digital Humans. And most importantly these are being timed to run virtually around the clock as the virtual conference moves from continent to continent.  Unlike other annual events, RTC has additional events planned for May and June.

Sessions will range from topics like real-time pipelines in film, including utilizing media & entertainment previz and the making of digital humans. Experts will also discuss how companies can address the current world climate, and how real-time technology can prepare them for the future.

Google’s Senior Staff Engineer Paul Debevec

The April event will feature multiple keynote addresses, beginning with a presentation and Q&A from Google VR’s senior staff engineer, Paul Debevec. Later that day, David Morin, industry management, Media & Entertainment for Epic Games and executive director for the Academy Software Foundation, will offer a look at virtual production in film and TV, including a special section on The Mandalorian. The second day will feature a discussion and Q&A with Sebastien Deguy, vice president, 3D & Immersive, and Professor Tamy Boubekeur, director of research, 3D & Immersive, both from Adobe.
Additional speakers include:

● Pol Jeremias-Vila – Lead graphics engineer – Pixar Animation Studios; SIGGRAPH 2021 chair
● Rob Legato – Oscar-winning Visual effects supervisor and director/cameraman
● Kim Libreri – CTO – Epic Games
● Vladimir Mastilovic – Founder, Owner, CEO – 3Lateral Studio
● David Morin – Industry management, Media & Entertainment – Epic Games; Exec. director: Academy Software Foundation
● Dan Ring – Head of research – Foundry
● Jan Pflueger – Founder & advisor – AdvisXR
● Shahram Izadi – Director – Google; Co-founder and CTO – PerceptiveIO
● Alex Coulombe – Co-founder – Agile Lens
● Elizabeth Baron – Vice president, Immersive Solutions – Silverdraft; Former immersive realities technical specialist – Ford Motor Company
● Laura Longworth – Innovation and emerging technology lead AR/VR – Daimler Trucks North America

Kim Libreri Epic Games CTO

A complete program for the April RealTime Conference event can be found here. The program is designed around 5 time zones, so unlike most conferences, it is inherently designed to embrace a global community. After the conclusion of each event, select sessions and highlights will be made available on demand, creating an open resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of real-time.

Following the April event, the RTC will return on Monday, May 4, with a fresh group of speakers covering new topics and industries. A third event is also planned for Monday, June 8, with additional events possible throughout the rest of 2020. The RealTime Conference is organized in cooperation with the Visual Effects Society (VES) and is sponsored by founding partners Intel and Epic Games, along with leading partners Adobe, Foundry, HP and Sony.

Vladimir Mastilovic, Founder, CEO 3Lateral Studio

fxguide’s Mike Seymour will host the panel discussion at the end of Tuesday’s TelePresence / Avatars / Intelligent Agents / Digital Humans Session, with Christophe Héry – Research Scientist – Facebook Reality Lab and Panelists:

  • Vladimir Mastilovic, Founder 3Lateral Studio
  • Greg Maguire – CEO & Co-Founder  Humain
  • James Jacobs – Co-Founder & CEO – Ziva Dynamics
  • Guy Williams – VFX Supervisor – Weta Digital
  • Doug Roble – Senior Director of Software R&D – Digital Domain
Doug Roble – Senior Director of Software R&D – Digital Domain

fxguide is proudly a media partner of RealTime Conference

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