red centre: Nov. 30th RED Announcements

podcast_album_redcentre_smallThe end of November brought another slate of announcements from the folks at RED, including details on Scarlet as well as a potentially cool new product called RedRay Pro.

Instead of wasting your time surfing the web culling through post upon post of misinformation, take a moment and download the latest red centre and get straight to the facts. Mike Seymour and Jason Wingrove discuss the announcements from a sensible point of view, as well chat directly with RED’s Ted Schilowitz about the news of the day.

Visit the red centre page for direct downloads and RSS feed links. To be notified automatically and have the episodes downloaded in iTunes, subscribe via this link.

1 thought on “red centre: Nov. 30th RED Announcements”

  1. Hello!
    I am filmmaker from Argentina, living in New York city. Big fun of the RED, hoping to get one in the next couple of months… working in pre production of two projects; one fiction another wildlife documentary.

    Will post soon my website, (now being build…)

    Hope to hear from you soon! (eager to be updated with news!)
    Thank you!
    Gabriel Blanco

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