red centre: Anthony Dod Mantle

In this week’s red centre podcast we cover Part 3 of our 4 part series on RED post production (Avid and FCP offline), and interview Oscar winner Anthony Dod Mantle. Anthony is giving a series of talks in Australia and talks very openly and technically about shooting on the RED and on the SI-2K, a compelling interview we are really proud to present. We also cover the latest news – such as shipping dates on the Red Rocket and updates on gear.

red centre covers Digital Cinematography with a special eye to the Red Camera company.

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NOTE: Our coverage of the Philip’s 21:9 spot in fxguidetv has been suspended while an issue is sorted – (nothing to do with fxguide). We will re-publish it shortly, when this is resolved.

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  1. That was one terrific interview with Anthony Dod Mantle, was great to hear some of his thoughts and how he approached shooting. Didn’t quite mind the length of the episode at all.
    Thanks, guys!

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