This week Jason and Mike discuss the situation with the Epic-M and the recent fxphd Arri -Alexa stereo shoot shooting Arri-RAW to the Codex digital recorder. (Director was Richard Gibson (Luscious International) - in conjunction with the Aust. VES and ACS )

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  • Brad Olsen

    You’ve probably already recieved e-mails but HDRx will be enabled on Epic-Ms:
    “Some features are being disabled for stability on the EPIC-Ms until the production EPIC-Xs are released. Then a firmware upgrade will turn these features back on.

    1. Audio
    2. Playback
    3. eHDR

    • jason W

      Thanks for tracking down that particular post and thread. Be great when the dust settles that RED do another ‘white paper’ that rounds up all the details, prices etc… when they know it 🙂

  • Brad Olsen

    Agreed, there’s still a lot up in the air!

    Thanks for doing the show! You and Mike really “get it” when it comes to this stuff 😀