podcast_album_redcentre_small.pngWe had such a good reaction to our fxguidetv eps on the red camera that we have decided to do a RED podcast every 2 weeks. Join Jason Wingrove and Mike Seymour as they look at a summary of what’s happening in and around the RED Camera. We’ll cover updates – news of third party add ons and test drives of the latest builds and most importantly we will keep you up to date with the latest advances in post production tools, and workflow.

Sometimes it can be hard work monitoring all the traffic on places such as Reduser – we’ll try and give you a summary and discuss the implications for directors, DOPs and of course post-production / visual effects. The podcasts will be every two weeks – except for time such as NAB and special announcements like Scarlett!!! To listen go to /redcentre.
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Break Out Boxes:

Element technica: click here
Sim Video Click here
Land Sea and AirClick here

Eye Piece Leveler
Sim Video Click here
Element technica: click here

Hand Grips button:
View factor Click here

Offline workflow:
Crimson:Click Here

Online workflow:
Scratch: Click here

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Sorry these were late – from now on we will publish same day as the show goes live !

4 thoughts on “Premiere of a New fxguide RED Podcast: red centre”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the red camera. Nevertheless, I will recommend a short written list of the products, companies and websites(URL links) mentioned in the podcast.

    Thank you again for great work,


  2. Great podcast Mike and Jason, thanks so much for keeping your fingers on the pulse so I dont have to in this area.


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