RED Rocket Announced, update on RED Pro Primes

RED started out announcing they would not have a booth at NAB, then announced an event to be held in Las Vegas, but not on the show floor. That event has grown to an all day affair (REDUSER ’09 NAB PARTY) with various presentations, you can view the schedule here.

Jim Jannard posted to that he would announce “an incredible new workflow tool (don’t miss this one)” last night at midnight.

He also would provide more information on the RED Pro Primes lenses.

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First the workflow tool:

RED Rocket.

R3D Decode, debayer and playback high quality REALTIME 4k at 30fps (or 5K at 25fps).

Will accelerate FCP, Premiere, After Effects, RED Alert!, REDCINE, REDrushes or any application using the REDCODE SDK.

PCI-Express, Output interfaces will include Quad-DVI and Quad-HD-SDI. Works with Mac, PC and Linux.

Under $5k.


Read lots of discussion over at

As far as the RED Pro Primes:

RED Pro Primes (RPPs)

5 lens set- $19K
(25mm T1.8, 35mm T1.8, 50mm T1.8, 85mm T1.8, 100mm T1.8)

6 lens set (adds 300mm)- $23K.

Anyone who buys a “set” gets all future RPPs at the “set price” for that lens. Not all future lenses will be the same price.

Individual lens prices are as follows:

25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm- $4250
300mm- $5975K
18-85mm T2.9 Pro Zoom- $9975K
18mm T1.8 (in rapid development)- $3800 (set price) and $4250 individual price

Other lenses are under development are a 14mm, a 21mm, and a 65mm.

FAQs- New RED Pro Prime set.

1. RPPs are “RED-centric”, which means that the light path is optimized for maximum resolution and consistent illumination, with minimum breathing for the Mysterium sensor family. Patent Pending.
2. T-stop range is 1.8-22.
3. Image diagonal- > 32mm.
4. Extra low dispersion (ELD), Super Low Dispersion (SLD) and anomalous dispersion glass for maximum chromatic aberration correction.
5. Center resolution is greater than 100 (lines/mm). Edge (5K) is greater than 63 (lines/mm). (You will see Wed. how much greater)
6. Close focus from lens front (from sensor) is:
25mm- 4″ (12″)
35mm- 4″ (12″)
50mm- 6″ (12″)
85mm- 18″ (24″)
100mm- 24″ (30″)
7. High relative illumination from center to edge of field (5K).
8. Uniform Spectral correction to accommodate any light source.
9. Internal Focus and Unit Focus designs.
10. Consistent 110mm front diameter.
11. RPPs will work with film cameras.

The image circle varies depending on focal length due, in some part, to the image mask on the front element. 5K 2.40:1 is possible through the entire zoom range. A larger format is possible past (greater than) 50mm. We are still nailing down exact specifications, but this should give you something to work with.


Here is the thread on

Today has turned into RED day at NAB. More announcements and details on previous ones will surely come through out the day.