Rob Legato Special Edition

We had such a wonderful time interviewing Rob Legato for fxguidetv that we filmed a lot more than we could possibly use in fxguidetv alone. So here for fxinsider members only, we have an additional “part 2” of that interview (with some real treats).

Rob discusses shot design on Apollo 13, use of stereo on Titanic and even takes us ‘on the set’ of one of his Martin Scorsese shots!

As always with this bonus material, fxinsider is just our way of saying thanks to those of you who have supported fxguide with your fxinsider membership, and we really appreciate your contribution. I hope you enjoy this additional 36 minutes of bonus material – this interview was one of the most enjoyable we have done in recent times.

The inline player appears to be buggy at this point, so please use the Download link right below the play button.

15 thoughts on “Rob Legato Special Edition”

  1. This is so awesome Mike and the small fee for fxinsider feels a bit too low when you give us awesomeness like this. =)

    One small technical side note though. If possible, it would be nice if the download link was directly to the file or that it redirected to it for easier out-of-browser download.

    Cheers and thanks again!


    1. John Montgomery

      We’ll do that — we’re concentrating on stability but it’s in the works. Basicallyl the link will force a download by default (as opposed to opening a new window).

  2. I’m having trouble downloading this. I really enjoyed the fxguidetv ep and I’m keen to see this too!
    Can you help?
    (Hi Henrik!)

  3. Mike, I really appreciate it every time [during an interview] when you insist someone give the “long version” answer like you did here. Great stuff. I love hearing all the technical tidbits.

  4. One little comment though, possibly because of the grade or exposure? But definitely systemic of the compression is a horrific muddy-ness in the flesh-tone highlights on Rob’s Nose and forehead. I know it’s minor, only mention this because 1, it oddly grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. And 2, because, well, you’re the fxguide folks who’s careers it seems are to nitpick. 😀 Thanks for such great content.

  5. yeah we could have done better on the lighting but it was a tiny crew of 2 – including me and I was no use during filming !!!.. still we will try and do better….


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