It has been three years since The Foundry introduced OCULA, a plug-in toolset for Nuke designed to assist with the integration of elements and help correct common stereo-3D defects. Releases have come regulary since then and today OCULA 3.0 was released.

From The Foundry Press Release:

OCULA 3.0 is our most significant upgrade to date. Stereo‐3D has seen substantial growth in the three years since OCULA was launched and sustained collaboration with customers on ambitious stereo projects has provided the opportunity to considerably improve OCULA’s efficiency and workflow. OCULA 3.0 brings new tools to help fix mis­‐focused camera pairs and retime in stereo as well as a range of workflow tweaks and improvements to speed up day­‐to‐day OCULA use dramatically. It is cleaner and more accurate giving better results from all OCULA operations.

Bill Collis, Chief Executive Officer, comments, “The Foundry aims to innovate in the area of high end visual effects and invests heavily in research and the support of emerging industry trends. OCULA was developed in conjunction with customers facing the reality of delivering ambitious live action stereo projects. There is no other tool like it on the market. It also reinforces NUKE, with its native stereo workflow, as the only real choice when compositing stereo-3D.”

OCULA 3.0 is available immediately and works on the same platforms as NUKE/NUKEX.

The OCULA team have released some videos that demo the new disparity mapping, focus and re-timing in OCULA 3.0:



Example 1

Example 2

Focus matching

For more on OCULA see:

To read how OCULA was used on Avatar and TRON: Legacy go to:­‐studies

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