The new fxguide & fxinsider

Today we launch the new fxguide. Since 1999, a small group of artists has proudly covered the production, post and vfx industry. With the support of the community we have published thousands of articles, podcasts, videos, tips and other content. Today we have grown and yet we love servicing this industry – we care so much about – more than ever.

From today, we respectfully invite you to contribute to fxguide in order to help us expand our coverage of the production and visual effects business worldwide. As part of this program we have hired new writers and web programmers to help us achieve our goals. We are in no way reducing the amount of free content — in fact, we’ll have even more content than we’ve had in the past. We have also decided that this approach of donation and sponsorship is a much better path than plastering the site with advertising or introducing repetitive in-show product pitches. We think we can do better, together. We are asking for you to donate and we offer fxinsider back as our way of saying thanks.

The main goal of our new fxinsider program is for us to say thanks to those of you who help us build the site. As a “thank-you” to those who donate $49/yr, we will provide VIP access to exclusive content, extended interviews, high res imagery and more. When signing up, you get a free 7 day trial before your credit card is charged to check it out.

We truly appreciate your support these last twelve years and hope you will become a supporter via our fxinsider program. If you have any questions or your company would like to be a principal sponsor we’d love to hear from you, or if you find any bugs on the new site email us at bugs(at)

It has been an honor to work with you these last twelve years – thanks.

5 thoughts on “The new fxguide & fxinsider”

  1. Thanks for the feedback — I’d love some specifics as to your setup. We have a special email address bugs (at) which you can use to report these kind of things. If you email us with your browser, version, etc and we can get more information and make sure we get this fixed.

  2. Hi guys,
    Definite improvement and very welcome update.
    Few issues, Your carousel isn’t working well, it disappears some times and other times I cant read the text in front of the images. Also, your comment dash below each frontpage article is shifting too far to the left.


  3. Nice update.

    One point I will raise is that I feel the heading and article title take up too much of the available screen space and the text content “feels” dwarfed by the giant headers. To me it does not feel natural for the eye to initially rest half way down the page when reading the first line of an article’s text after the page has loaded.


  4. Love it. Fresh and clean look for new decade 🙂

    BTW I double what Jeremiah said, I wish I’d knew about this site some time ago. It’s very unique!

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