Truth about the Dneg layoffs

The internet vfx community exploded with rumors today over massive layoffs at Double Negative. This is perhaps a sign of the times, but unfortunate as it is not true – at least not to the extent that has been mentioned in forums such as Twitter. Talk of 200 + layoffs is just not based in fact. At fxguide, we too know of people who have been made redundant – but this is true of many companies from time to time, but for some reason this move at Dneg has been amplified in the ‘internet echo chamber’.

fxguide spoke to Double Negative directly, and on the record. Below is the exclusive official response – and while it is sad to see anyone lose a job, the overall picture is not gloom and doom. It is true some people are being let go, but it’s not a vast or significant number, and certainly nothing like 200 people that has been tossed around. The reality is just that this tends to be the natural ebb and flow of the vfx industry. Dneg is not in trouble, it is not shutting down whole offices, and while there is not a final number yet (as the redundancy process is still happening), the company is healthy and continues to be a major force in the global industry.

To repeat, we are sad to see anyone lose their job, and we take nothing away from the personal concern that this represents to anyone in this position, but at a company level, it is important to not blow out the size of the layoffs.

Response from Dneg:

“Double Negative has had a busy year delivering spectacular VFX (either as sole or main vendor) for some of the biggest films of the year including The Dark Knight Rises, Snow White and the Huntsman, Total Recall, Bourne Legacy and Skyfall. We are currently completing work on Rush, Les Miserables, Captain Phillips and Man of Steel.

The project based nature of our business means that from time to time we need to grow and contract to reflect the needs of the films we are working on at any given time.  Our policy has always been (and will continue to be) to hold onto people where possible.  The decision to streamline our operation for the time being is a natural part of the cycle of our industry.

We continue to lead the way in the UK for winning new work and 2013 is already lining up to be a very busy year with Fast and Furious 6,  Thor 2, World’s End and Hunger Games: Catching Fire already in the pipeline”.

3 thoughts on “Truth about the Dneg layoffs”

  1. Why don’t you talk to some of the people who’ve actually been laid off? They’d tell you the truth rather than this corporate nonsense. 250 HAVE been laid off – that is based in fact. “Natural Ebb and flow” is letting contracts come to an end and not renewing based on current work load – that’s, in a sense, OK, it comes with the job to know that once a contract ends you could be out. What is NOT natural ebb and flow is dismissing 250 people with a weeks notice, terminating many contracts short. If you’d spoken to people who’d actually been there that day you’d know the atmosphere was hostile, people were crying in the corridors and 200+ people were made redundant. I find fx guides position to take sides with the official statement and not explore the reality a little disappointing to be honest and expected more of this place.

  2. Just for .. well since you posted …
    1. I really appreciate you posting
    2. we did talk to people laid off – and I guess that does not at all come off – but DNeg was getting way more attention on this issue than other companies who have had layoffs.. plus it was rapidly (IMHO) getting sort of out of control in terms of the rumors. While I hate to see any staff laid off… I would hate the rumors to cause more harm to DNeg and still more downturn for the company down the line.
    So I completely respect your remarks – I should also add I approached them – they did not ask me to post.
    We take your opinions really seriously – and so thanks for posting

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