David S. Cohen reports in an article today in Variety that Montreal's Fake Studio (part of Camera e-Motion Group) has left a handful of VFX artists unpaid since April for work done on the film Piranha 3D. The article discusses the familiar nature to the Meteor story, mentions the Visual Effects business as a Ponzi scheme and talks of the lack of a union for artists. David ends his piece with this paragraph:

"The show must go on" has been the showbiz mantra, and the movie biz has counted on artists taking that to heart. But the patience and goodwill of vfx artists aren't infinite. Whether the solution is market-based (i.e., artists negotiating ruthlessly and walking off immediately if a payment is missed) or a union, it's becoming clear that the status quo will not hold. Something has to give.

Read the whole article at Variety.

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