VES Awards to be Broadcast in US this weekend

This Saturday night, May 9th, the Starz Edge Network (channel 522 on DirecTv) will air the premiere of the “7th Annual Visual effects Awards” that were held February 21st.

The email from VES says 8:00PM but it does not specify timezone (we assume West Coast, we tried to track down but it does not show up in TV listings either). Here is the description from the email:

This is a fast paced documentary/award show showing the coolest and jaw-dropping visual effects of 2008. It includes award presentations and behind the scenes interviews with the men who make the magic. It is hosted by the beautiful Tracy Metro and the dashing Steven Gaetjen.

2 thoughts on “VES Awards to be Broadcast in US this weekend”

  1. George Jimenez

    Hey guys thanks for posting this info but can’t seem to track it down either… At least not on the east coast…..

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