Friday, November 10th 2017 is the deadline for the VFX Assemble campaign in the UK.

BECTU has been running a kick-start campaign called VFX Assemble to offer a unique way for artists to sign up for union representation in the UK.

This has been a huge information campaign with the goal being to help stop the race to the bottom, provide important protections for workers and help the companies be stronger as well.

The word I hear is that artists at some companies are joining at good rates (notably ILM and DNeg), while others lag. The union is not talking exact numbers yet, but encourages anyone waiting until the last minute to get in before the deadline passes.

There have been many great questions in the Reddit/vfx subreddit where VFX artist Joe Pavlo is answering questions right up the the deadline. For example, in response to a question about why vfx artists have been so resistant to unionization efforts while every other craft on a movie is represented by a union:

“… We all know the way vfx is going is ultimately unsustainable. Something’s gotta change – and that’s the scariest word in the world to business: “change”. There is resistance to unionisation in a lot of facilities (but not all). I’ve met a lot of facility owners and vfx supervisors who are very supportive of the union. As I said above, the union is here to make the whole industry stronger and that includes the facilities. …”

Do you have questions? Here are two great resources:

Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

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