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One of the things we have been impressed with since the town hall was announced is the grass roots growth we have seen in the community. People have been taking full advantage of tools on the internet like wiki’s and google documents to share information and help develop guidelines. After the jump you will find a few recommended links:

Motion Design Standards of Practice Wiki
“This open, collaborative site aims at establishing standards of practice for employers and employees in the motion design industry, including freelance animators, designers, art directors, and visual effects artists.”

VEG – Visual Effects Guild Google Doc
“This is meant just as a discussion piece – if a Visual Effects Guild were formed – what would it be like, and what are the issues that would need to be resolved?”

Lucas Martell blog post “VFX Union Solution” with an explanation and link to a Google Spreadsheet form where people can enter hours anonymously to start to get a global sense of hours worked vs. hours paid.

Check them out, participate and let us know if you find other resources.

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  1. Hi I have been on the periphery of visual effects for the last five years. I think that a VFX guild which is worldwide would be a good idea. The fact that outsourcing and transparency with costs, wages and employer welfare is invisible is a sign of the VFX goldrush. Companies starting, and closing, the amount of transient workers from one company to another is diluting the business.

    We need a organisation that can provide guidance and security for those of us at the bottom rung of the business. I also think colleges and universities need to have a long hard look at themselves. Business practice is not a dirty word, also using your students as cheap labour to get a industry affiliation is disgusting.

    I have chosen to not go through the university route and have learnt my art (matte painting) vocationally. I will find it harder to find work than a graduate. Problem is most graduates work all looks the same cliche shots or pastiches of other peopless work. Some students are willing to accept the first low paid job to come along, thereby diluting the expections of design houses.

    Also it is so easy to get black listed in this business it sometimes is not worth the effort.

    Also pipeline studios that expect you to be multi platform also fuel the software companies to sell ever more and unaccessible software for people to learn on as it is always two generations behind, Kudos to Houdini and C4d for working through the problem.

    It is not an easy industry to work in, however there is always room to work laterally outside the general media, architecture, and medical illustration come to mind.

    We need a guild that is worldwide and we need it fast and to have teeth, think of the power the Screenwriters guild last year.

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