Reminder – VFX Online Townhall Meeting

Monday, March 29th at 7pm (Pacific) there will be “an open discussion of a visual effects industry in transition”. This free online townhall meeting has been put together by Lee Stranahan, a former visual effects artist and writer for The Huffington Post whose Open Letter To James Cameron: Fairness For VIsual Effects Artists sparked a lot of conversation.

Panelists include: Chris deFaria -Vice President, Warner Bros. Pictures, Jefferey A. Okun – Visual Effects Society Chair and visual effects supervisor and Scott Ross – Co-Founder of Digital Domain & former CEO of Industrial, Light and Magic.

To register for this free online event: The registration site says there is a wait list but additional capacity has been added, just sign up for the waitlist.

6 thoughts on “Reminder – VFX Online Townhall Meeting”

  1. I think of all the issues the largest is the studios willingness to send work to ever cheaper countries, forcing us to chase the jobs. The problem with that is they are forcing us into places not many want to move too… I can’t understand the studios willingness to send jobs out of the contry too less experienced teams, while siting costs… when they could easily open studios in affordable areas of their own countries where the artists would work, while keeping a satelite studio in LA to work with directors. Sony has taken the first step in this direction. If studios are so keen on saving money then do it, instead they say we need to have teams here while sending the work there… And they still are a remote group. So they sell out us working professionals for cheap students and cheap unexperienced overseas teams while contradicting the very things they site as problems with working remotely… all to maximize their buck.

    This is in no way a level playing field, anyone wafting tax breaks in the air draws the work and destabilizes the industry. The practice should not be allowed… And should be controlled through nation trade agreements. I truly level playing field would mean a job goes to company based on the quality of work or capability of the studio… not who plays limbo better….

  2. Has there been any word if the meeting will be captured in some way for viewing later on? I can’t attend the live meeting but would love to see what’s discussed.

  3. i know this link is being passed around all over twitter, but just wanted to post a direct link to the townhall recording here. these are exciting times we live in, the open dialogue has begun! thanks to all who’ve made this happen!

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