The internet has been particularly active this week with visual effects news. Here is a list of links that we found interesting, if we missed any please add to comments and if we find more this week we'll add them here.

Visual Effects related links:
Wall Street Journal: Working as a Visual Effects Artist

Shoot: AICE Extends Membership to Design, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Companies

Postworld: SAG and AFTRA: Together Again

LA TImes: 'Wonderland' was a career challenge for EFX wizard Ken Ralston

WSJ: Being James Cameron

Labor related:
A real life story about freelancing: Epilogue Ei8ht: The True Story of a Freelance Artist Post about companies using Employers of Record also one titled Organizing Your Labor

The Animation Guild Blog: Organize MBO?

UPDATE- added since original post:
Dazpix: What you need to know when considering going Freelance and Setting Up on your own in Motion Graphics

Thinking Animation Blog: Protecting Yourself as a Freelancer

Pro Video Coalition: Is a Visual Effects Guild to Materialize this Decade?

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