Visual Effects Oscar category to expand to 5 nominees?

David S. Cohen from Variety is reporting that the Visual Effects branch of the Motion Picture Academy has voted to expand the number of Visual Effects Oscar nominees from three to five. This change must now be voted on by the rules committee and the Board of Governors. The Visual Effects Society and several larger VFX studios are quoted supporting the change although there is some concern that the rules should also change to allow educational materials like before & afters to be a part of the process (currently such things are prohibited at the bake-off). Check out the full article at Variety.

1 thought on “Visual Effects Oscar category to expand to 5 nominees?”

  1. Hi, I think it’s a great thing to have more recognition for the people who work hard at putting in these amazing effects that we have in the movies. I don’t think having extra categories for VFX will affect the rest of the Oscars or The Best Picture category. These days high end VFX are making a significant mark on the movie industry.

    People are willing to go to the theater again, because they want to enjoy the full movie going experience. 3D and really well done effects are what a lot of people are going to the movies to see. Most films were getting downloaded or rented in the last couple of years and that was affecting the box office ticket sales of all movies.

    People want to enjoy the whole movie experience in 3D on an Imax screen and that is bringing people back to the theater. Please check out my VFX/SFX blog at


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