dscn2015a.jpgWe’re happy to make our new fxguide site live this weekend — its been in the works for a while and the first hardware upgrade in five years. We have a new, higher bandwidth server in preparation for the release of our new video netcast fxguidetv. 

What have we changed? Quite a bit under the hood and we’re still working on things. We just wanted to get the site moved over to take advantage of the larger disks and higher bandwidth connections.

Feature Stories : This really isn’t a change, but this is what we’re calling the stories everyone has come to appreciate from the site. In-depth articles digging deeper than press releases. You can find the two most recent articles at the top of the home page in the white boxes. On the right hand side, there are picture links to other recent stories. Finally, we’ve improved our Stories Archive page — this is now called “Feature Stories” and is easily accessible via the navigation bar at the top of the site. The left column has our most recent articles, sorted by date from top to bottom. The middle column has older features you might have missed, but that we especially love. And finally, our most viewed articles are in the far right column.

fxguide Quick Takes : Sometimes we want to post a shorter news story that we found interesting, such as the minor release of some software — or maybe some site news and information. This is where you’ll find such items….and we made it much easier for us to post more frequently. This area will also include the fxNewswire press releases. We don’t plan on posting tons of press releases…just one’s we find might be of major interest to our readers.

fxForums : We’re upgrading our new forums to vbulletin, so we’ll have more features as well as a wider variety of discussion areas. You’ll be able to use the same username from the old site, but will have to update your password. Once we get the old forum messages transferred over (this will happen very soon), we’ll have instructions on how to do this. The New Posts button at the top of forums will show you posts since your last visit. We have used this forum engine for a while on fxphd and found it much improved. 

Faster Server : Our new server is much faster than the old one, with a faster connection to the net. While you might not notice it on a daily basis, this will allow us to serve our podcasts and video much better to more users.

Hope you enjoy…the code should be leaner and lighter as well.

John, Jeff, and Mike

As a bonus for clicking read more… here is the site circa 1999:


Please leave your comments below about the redesign.

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