We received an email today from Jeff Barnes and David Ebner, announcing that CafeFX/ComputerCafe have decided to shut down. This comes after a downsizing earlier this year. It saddens us here at fxguide to hear the news of their closing and wish everyone the best.

The outstanding company has worked on a number of visual effects films over the years and has a great resume. Articles here at fxguide covering their work include ones on Shutter Island, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra and a podcast covering the series John Adams.

The actual announcement from Jeff Barnes and David Ebner follows after the read more....

Announcement from Jeff Barnes and David Ebner

After 17 years in business, CafeFX/ComputerCafe has decided to officially close its doors. The current economic climate and global marketplace have made it unrealistic for us to continue to deliver the highest quality visual effects work, which has been our hallmark, at a competitive price and a sustaining profit.

With a resume of over eighty award-winning feature films and hundreds of commercials, music videos, game trailers, ride projects and broadcast opens, we are very proud of what

we have achieved over the years. We end our company's relationship with the industry we love with pride in our contributions and our heads held high.

We want to thank our many clients for their friendship, confidence, and support in the multitude of groundbreaking projects awarded us over the years. We would also like to thank our competitors, who always kept us on our toes by pushing the envelope. We have watched your work on the latest films with a mixture of awe and envy, as you continue to exceed industry expectations and thrill audiences around the world. You have our utmost respect.

We want to thank our families and advisors who have stood by us and have given their patience and understanding on how to stay sane and viable through these turbulent times in our industry, our state and our country.

But most importantly, we would like to thank our staff and all the incredibly talented people that have come through our doors. You are CafeFX. Your hard work, dedication and passion are what made us such a great studio. Because of you we were able to accomplish the impossible over and over again. Words cannot truly express how much we appreciate all

that you have done to keep us successful for so many years. We will especially never forget our core staff, who helped to make CafeFX a unique and magical place, and who have

now become life long friends and colleagues. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts,

you are an exceptional group of people.

We will see you soon.

Jeff Barnes and David Ebner

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