YouTube find: The Flame

Making the rounds on YouTube today is a video featuring the flame user interface as a music video. To view the video click the read more…

8 thoughts on “YouTube find: The Flame”

  1. Even though I am a Flame artist I laughed at the comment by ‘whatever’. There are better, less “tragic” demo reels of the Flame’s abilities I can assure you. There’s a reason why this person is a Flame op and not an art director. Animated pastel hearts? Really? But hey, at least it was fun and a bit creative. There seems to be a lot of strange stuff popping up this year because operators are so slow and get bored. Bizarre. We’re all hoping it picks up soon.

  2. Any comments about how “slow” the industry is or about pay rates are entirely missing the point of this little goof. I used to work with Jamie and trust me, he’s quite busy. I think the point is, if anything, to have some fun every once in awhile. C’mon, didn’t you guys used to roller skate? That song? It’s HILARIOUS!

  3. That was great. As a former Discreet Flame demo guy. And someone on the box since 1995. It sums it up why the box still holds up. Fast and responsive UI.
    So many night shifts with tunes keeping you going.I still hate it when they move buttons better versions. Nicely done!

  4. That was awsome idea to have little fun if any of You knows FLAME, work all night all day on the system…We need wait for Toxic, Maya, and other editions…haa haa haa haaa haaaaaa… 🙂

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