the rc #107: State of the nation in camera tech

This week the guys discuss the whole breadth of the digital cinematography industry and talk Canon, Nikon, ARRI, RED and Sony. Plus they chat about the Awards season including the Sci-Techs and main Oscars. Then, RED’s Ted Schilowitz gives his thoughts on the latest in camera tech.

If you’d like the show notes from this week’s ep #107, please download the show notes.

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6 Responses to the rc #107: State of the nation in camera tech

  1. don’t think its available yet.. but wouldn’t it be good if a TB drive had esata too?
    i mean how hard can it be?


    Posted by Jason Wingrove on
  2. yes but then again in the “wouldn’t it be good” -category you could say
    ” wouldn’t a Red thunderbolt card reader be brilliant” ?


    Posted by Mike Seymour on
  3. Agree, Mr. Seymour. 🙂

    Another thing to point out is that the LaCie device linked to here is simply a Thunderbolt/eSata hub (the enclosure just has a power supply and esata card).Y ou’d still need an esata drive.

    This does maybe look a bit more robust than the express card adapter….

    Posted by John Montgomery on
  4. Hey Mike,

    I absolutely love fxguide, and have learned a ton from you guys. I’m just an amateur dreaming of greater things at the moment though. Hope to someday have a chance to meet you!

    Keep up the great work,


    Posted by Andrew Finley on

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