the rc #108: 5D MkIII, D16 and more

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  1. Gents,
    Re: Digital Bolex
    First, the market is right for this. Camera manufacturers promise the moon and deliver beach front property in Kansas. It’s time for dreamers like Joe and Elle. Need I remind you about what is possible: Exhibit A, the Panasonic DVX-100 and the Andromeda modification. With major entrenched camera makers It’s about protecting markets now and in the future.
    There is no way that this will be for the light at heart (Soccer Moms)…. The storage, bit rate and uncompressed nature of medium requirements to process the footage will be very intensive (at least according to the specs).
    A 2K Super-16 sized sensor in my opinion is a viable option. Lets face it we’ve made it about the machine that goes ping (w/Super35mm)….Dogma 95 showed us that in the hands of the right person anything is possible and that was Sony VX-1000. It’s not just the tool, its the hand that wields it.

    I agree though that an August delivery date will be tough to meet. I’m hopeful. Personally my fingers are crossed for these two


    DM Wexler

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