the rc #111: 12K – in transit !

On the way home from NAB (and the live Ep #110) Jason and Mike were lost in transit.
Alone, lonely and bored stupid… they turned to twitter-verse for questions and recorded a special Q&A RC from the road.

Audio quality is not perfect but the guys want to thank everyone who pitched in on twitter with questions and who made

– a nine hour delay,
– after a 14 hour flight from LA and
-a day driving¬†before that,… well into fun!

Also in this special episode is an interview with GoPro recorded at NAB.

If you’d like the show notes from this week’s ep #111, (with pics from the road) please download the show notes.

Special thanks to everyone except the jerks at LAX TSA who took the lens caps off Jason’s Epic Lens and just dropped them in the camera bag – ready to scratch his EPIC lenses. May you die soon in some embarrassing way.

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