the rc #115: Redrock, Spider-Man, Rode audio & more

This week the guys discuss the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, the clips released from the Canon Cinema EOS C500, the RED EPIC firmware update, Ikonoskop’s A-Cam dII Panchromatic, RØDE Microphones’ Rockumentary comp and more. And in the RED Room they talk to Brain Valente of Redrock Micro and to Sony Pictures Imageworks 3D VFX supe Rob Engle about The Amazing Spider-Man.

If you’d like the show notes from this week’s ep #115, please download the show notes.

3 thoughts on “the rc #115: Redrock, Spider-Man, Rode audio & more”

  1. Jason Wingrove

    yes its intriguing but priced at more than a scarlet. admittedly scarlet needs some accessories and is not full frame but is raw and can run a max of 30fps at 5k, 1Dc can only go to 24. oh and the Scarlet is for sale now 🙂

    thx for the link tho and we definitely look fwd to seeing more of this camera!

  2. Thanks for the interview guys. I just took a look at the show notes and that picture isn’t me. That’s Dave Smith, who is super cool I might add… but nowhere near as sharp looking as me. Cheers! Rob

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