the rc #125: New ARRI cams, Codex recording and more

This week, Jason and Mike discuss the new ARRI cameras and XR Module upgrade option with Codex that allows internal recording of ARRIRAW up to 120 fps. Plus they talk the Red suit against Sony, camera rigging, the KineRAW and the PS4. In the Red Room Mike chats to Codex Digital Vice President, Market Development Sarah Priestnall about the ARRI/Codex announcement.

If you’d like the show notes from this week’s ep #125, please download the show notes.

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5 Responses to the rc #125: New ARRI cams, Codex recording and more

  1. Slr magic has announced some anamorphic lenses but I assume they are MFT. I got out bid on one of the Iscorama lenses on eBay awhile back. I’m upset I didn’t spend the little bit extra to get it. It was an Iscorama 36 Fmount!!!

    Anyways if I find the link I’ll post it. Aleagoc was showing off the flares and asking what people wanted in an anamorphic lens if they were to make it.

    Posted by Rob Bannister on
    • sorry the link above is the SLRmagic anamorphic test

      Posted by Rob Bannister on
  2. Thanks for this guys, i really like listening to this while working.

    Posted by Bob van Gemert on

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