This week Mike and Jason preview the NAB 2013 conference taking place in Las Vegas, where on Tuesday 9th April fxguide will be broadcasting LIVE from the conference floor.

If you’d like the show notes from this week’s ep #127, please download the show notes.

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5 Responses to the rc #127: NAB preview

  1. Great podcast guys. I know you’ve looked at Adobe before but do you see anything happening with them at NAB? I was especially disappointed they dropped CS Live out of Premiere in version 6. They alluded to something new to replace it last year but no word yet. Since most of our clients are remote do you see Adobe or anyone else solving the problem of on-line collaboration and review for video content?

    Thanks again,
    Bob Wojda
    Water Street Media Works

    Posted by Robert Wojda on
    • Hey Robert
      i hear something is close tho maybe not released but maybe demo’d or announced. ? Stuff is in the works though for sure

      Posted by Jason Wingrove on
  2. As always great show chaps. Is the video discussing Jason’s current shooting setup already posted? I can’t find it on the site but it was mentioned a couple of times in the podcast.


    Posted by Adam Heath on
    • Hey Adam, slight delay, that will be out this week.

      Posted by Jason Wingrove on
  3. Hey guys, are you having a beer with fellow Aussies at NAB? Love to say hi. Love the podcast too, best non biased info I can find anywhere.

    Posted by Paul on

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