the rc #128: Post-NAB wrap-up

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  1. I get what you mean guys about anamorphic. its about the life and character it brings to digital. I bought the Iscorama 1968 single coated finally and WOW. Also adding a Helios as the taking lens gets you even closer to it. HAve you guys heard of Dog Schidt Optiks? Very cool stuff. Im getting rid of all my pristine glass for older stuff it seems

  2. Rob i totally thought you were taking the piss here Dog Schidt Optiks? please! but yep there they are. the guys seems on holidays at the moment but ill be sure and check him out. thx for the info


  3. Np Jas, when you guys were taking about the newer anamorphics losing all the feel and look that we all love I thought you would like that. Cant lose for the price, I have a Helios and a russian MIR lens that I like more then any newer lens I have. Im not shooting on Cooke’s but I have some zeiss glass and nikon glass and it just doesnt have the right feel for video. Also I hear lomo square fronts were the way I should have gone but I bought the iscorama which is a beautiful anamorphic you can afford to own.

    Here are a few quick tests on a d800 if you are interested sorry if i shouldnt post links but the quality is crazy for dslr

    Also thanks so much for the coverage wish I was there this year.

      1. I just got my email that they are ready to do my order. They got flooded by orders so their ordering system is like this “If you would like to be put on the waiting list for a Flare Factory 58 please email us at:-
        [email protected] with either subject title:- ‘ff58 waiting list DSLR Mount’ or ‘ff58 waiting list PL Mount'”

        I’ll mention you guys in my confirmation order and maybe they can at least get in touch with you guys 😉

  4. Ive ordered 2 from them, I wnt a funky one and a normal one to put as a taking lens on anamorphics. They also will convert them to F mount by shaving a millimeter off to allow the focus to reach infinity which is huge. I stuck with nikon and its been hard to make a kit around their lenses thats flexible.

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