the rc #133: RED DRAGON in the field

This week, the guys ask Red Digital Cinema’s Ted Schilowitz the tough questions. And we also speak to Director Mark Toia on location, Mark is one of the first 6K DRAGONs out in the field.


Ted Schilowitz commented after we were finished and we wanted to include a comment with regards to the DRAGON shipping and the whole clean room NAB presentation.

“A world where we don’t do what we do at RED is a world likely without the RED camera and everything that has come from that in our industry, and I think that the world of professional imaging would be much less served and it is now, if we don’t what we do.

Are we perfect? Not even close, but if the alternative is to be living in a world that is only now getting to a 4K digital movie camera that many in the world could afford now instead of 6 years ago, with all the warts and soft spots that got locked in over time, that to me is worth all of REDs personality flaws a million times over.”


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  1. As an aspiring DP with a photography/VFX background and a heavy interest for RED, i always find these talks to be my highlight.. there just isnt enough talk about RED, its workflow and equipment uses and onset breakdown and buildup. but its highly used and i feel there is an underlining “oh but you should know” instead of a “what if there are those getting into the market with alot of skill but no working knowledge, who want to invest but dont want to make bad purchases and want to understand the tools inside and out” its interviews like this that helps you understand the background and forward looking aspects. So i look forward to hearing and seeing more and possibly more production related interviews, talks, and showcases! 🙂

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