In this month’s show Mike and Jason talk about his move to Sony in both high end and SLR cameras (he even sold his 5DMkIII!!!), plus cases, boxes, Macs and other new tech announcements (rat holes).

If you’d like the show notes from this week’s ep #143, please download the show notes.

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3 Responses to the rc #143: Jas does Sony

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  2. just listening to your 2k section on the podcast. Ive always know 2k to be either 2048X1556 or 2048X1165 but after buying the kineraw mini I started seeing this 2k which felt like some extra on the edges but more or less HD. Now Im happy that the new Kinemini shoots actual 4K 4096 non of this Ultra HD 3840.

    Why do we have to have so many formats, just stick to standards and stop calling 3840 4K which it is not. Im not sure what everyone’s thoughts on this are but it would be nice to have less standards.

    Posted by Rob Bannister on
  3. Jason,
    Really love to hear some first impressions of the Kinemini/Kineraw. If you can respond to [email protected] that would be smashing. Thanks mate!

    DM Wexler

    Posted by David Wexler on

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