the rc #144: Sliders, Flares and leaked 4k all under fire

In this month's show Mike and Jason discuss shooting in the Ukraine, sliders and their thoughts on the latest camera and audio gear, including the leaked Sony 4K camera, the SteadXP mystery box and much more.



If you’d like the show notes with links to most of the great gear and articles the guys mentioned you can download this week’s ep #144 pdf, please click to download the show notes.

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2 Responses to the rc #144: Sliders, Flares and leaked 4k all under fire

  1. This steady XP is interesting but do you think that once you stabilize footage with shaky and quick camera movement wouldn’t the motion blur artifacts still be present in the final output?

    Posted by Rob Bannister on
  2. Thanks for the heads up, re Edelkrone Slider Plus. Time to replace my Pocket dolly!

    Posted by jim on

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