the rc #145: So many new cameras

This month, Mike and Jason discuss the latest in camera tech, placing a huge range of cameras on a scale from ‘over blown’ to ‘overwhelmingly cool’ ! – including the ARRI Alexa 65, Canon’s 7D MkII, the Leica S, Sony’s new cameras, new GoPros and more. And we hear from GoPro’s Cinema, Broadcast & Photo Marketing Manager Jim Geduldick.

And if you’d like the show notes for this month’s chat with extra links and info about the gear discussed, you can download ep #145’s pdf.

2 thoughts on “the rc #145: So many new cameras”

  1. Another great episode! If you’re primarily a stills shooter and occasionally shoot video the new Fuji X100T rangefinder offers full manual HD video + an optical viewfinder. A creative ‘always carry’ option for those without a Leica budget.

  2. indeed thought a fixed lens i like the Fuji’s. The Hybrid finder is amazingly clever and something other manufacturers should consider licensing. i had the original 100 and found it a little slow and i think the video wasn’t fully manual at that stage

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