the rc #153: The Ultimate RC podcast +1 (Reunion Show) – Nikon buys RED

We put the band back together for a reunion show. With the news that Nikon bought RED, we figured we’d dust off the RC mics and do a new podcast show about where we see the industry today. After 152 RC/Red Centre podcasts, –  we think this makes for a great bookend on the whole RED experience.

Of course, being us, we could not just stick to the Nikon announcement – so we also cover what we are shooting with now, where the industry is at, and what it might take to succeed in an age of AI and computational photography.

So here it is for all our loyal RC fans: The Good, the Bad, and the Damn Annoying.


Jason and Mike

PS: If you want to read about just the news itself check out our fxguide news story from last week






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