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  1. As always, great show. Now for some comments :^)

    1. Congratulation on the new name for your webcast. (You didn’t consult with me but I think a better name would have been Digital Cinema Acquisition – DCA. RC sound a bit like soda-pop.) Apparently the old RSS feed is no longer being maintained so I subscribed to the new one. I see that you plan to add the show notes back into the new RSS feed. That will be nice. I used your link to get them direct. Thanks.

    2. I look forward to hearing how the new Sony HDMI LCD monitor stacks up against the others with similar specs. I’ve seen Jason’s coverage of the SmallHD DP6. I’d have bought one right off but they don’t have a battery solution that works for me. (I don’t want any new proprietary battery solutions in my kit. I’d take Sony NP or just the simple double A.)

    3. What do you guys think about what Walter Murch has to say about 3D? (In the minuscule chance you haven’t heard, here’s a link:

    4. I do enjoy your discussion of the technical issues in 3D production from a purely intellectual point of view. I don’t intend to be a Hollywood pro. I just want to do my own productions. At my level right now, which is no-budget shorts, I can’t imagine ever trying to shoot stereo.

    5. I’d love to find a web site and webcasts that cover directing side of film making. I really like but they only do one webcast a month. Have you got any suggestions?



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