the rc #82: You can’t change film on the moon

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  1. The V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT is listed on the Marshall site at $1199USD. I’ve seen Jason’s review of the SmallHD DP6 so I’d like to hear a comparison of DP6 and this Marshall monitor. I still think I may buy the DP6 but their lack of battery options has held me back. I don’t want yet another proprietary battery system. If they just had a double-A holder …

    Anyway, here’s a start at a comparison based on the specs.

    —————— LCD70X ——– DP6 ——
    Price (USD): $1200 $900
    Screen Size: 7″ 5.6″
    Resolution: 800×480 1280×800
    Power Options: many few
    HDMI Loop-through: yes no (splitter)
    HDSLR auto-size: yes yes



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