RC #88 (for those keeping count #87 was Live from Vegas NAB). This week the guys discuss NAB including the new EPIC/Scarlet news and talk to Tyler Ginter (DOP and Educator), Khalid Mohtaseb ( Director, Producer, Cinematographer), Jonathan Bregel (Director, Producer, Cinematographer), Brad Burke (Producer), and the team at Next Level Pictures about their S-Log F3 tests.

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2 Responses to the rc #88: SLog and the F3

  1. you were discussing 801.11 as vector for video on red. There are several competing technologies above 300Mbits some that are specifically designed for shipping video data. Not certain what our hosts (for those of us who couldn’t be at NAB) at the post pit were using (by the way have you released the long version of the NAB broadcast on insider? A s we lost it half ways through). Back to the point there is a good discussion about the various technologies here

    the other option is the use of 4G type technologies using agile software radio technology, a good place to look at the chip fab industry is here https://scsong.wordpress.com/

    Posted by kate on

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