the rc #89: Have Jason will travel

We discuss Jason's massive shoot around the world (while he is temporarily in Sydney- between flights), - plus catch up on news, including a preliminary discussion about the new S-log option for the 5D.


Note: the show notes for this week will be delayed, we appreciate your patience.

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2 Responses to the rc #89: Have Jason will travel

  1. I really enjoyed this episode – I’d been keen to hear more about Jason’s shoot when he’s able to talk freely. I would love to hear more about Jason’s lens choices, and how much the glass effects the final output from post – can we see it on a DVD or as a webvideo? Thanks for squeezing out another episode when you are all so busy. It’s appreciated.

    Posted by Deane Patterson on
  2. Great point – we’ll discuss lens choices as a special RC next time.

    Posted by Mike Seymour on

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