the rc #90: Lens choice – the rc ten questions

This week the focus is on Lenses – in response to listener questions.  Plus we talk to director Mark Kudsi of Motion Theory about their Fiat spot to reintroduce the brand to the USA. Mark shot the spot with a RED, 5D, GoPro and posted the job with some really innovative After Effects, visual transitional devices.

View Get Ready, the piece for Fiat discussed in the podcast

The featured image on this story is an image taken by Jason Wingrove as part of his current global project. This shot was taken in Mozambique.

Download the show notes

3 thoughts on “the rc #90: Lens choice – the rc ten questions”

  1. FYI both the links (listen and download) are incorrect, they both point to RC#89.
    I copied the link and changed the 89 to a 90 and got the correct file 🙂

  2. Deane Patterson

    Great one guys, answered a bunch of questions…the clincher for me was Jason’s comment (and Mike’s post on reduser) that Red will/does have an active EF mount – makes all those weather resistant / autofocus / wonderful L lenses suddenly look like a reasonable investment for the future – which is funny, because I currently shoot with a 7D and the mechanical Zeiss lenses are more use to me than my L. Thanks again for going over the topic in detail.

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