the rc #98: Scarlet Deal or No Deal?

6 thoughts on “the rc #98: Scarlet Deal or No Deal?”

  1. I just wanted to say, I thank you for a show and podcast well done. I’ve been listening since its inception so again fantastic job…..that said I think the two of you underestimate the power of Scarlet as a 2/3″ variety. This could be the ultimate camera of compromise, this coming from a person who is not a RED fanboy nor at any point drunk the RED punch.
    3K for under 10K (possibly). Think the HVX-250 as a camcorder is 5K and they Panasonic once again missed the boat with that one, but RED coming out with a camcorder for the run and gun crowd could be fantastic.
    I mean its an HVX-250 on steroids. For those times when we don’t want 1″ or less of dof or to hire $1200/day, A list focus puller this camera at present specs makes so much sense as to where is may fit it with the crowd….my 2 cents!


    David M. Wexler

  2. I don’t doubt that the camera you guys describe as the ‘deal’ scarlet would be amazing. But I do dispute your lack of appreciation for the 2/3rds sensor. It’s not a bigger is better thing. Same with 16mm Vs 35mm. You interviewed a guy who clearly knows his stuff and was shooting on 16mm that very day. 2/3rds would have it’s place, as does 16mm. I’d love to see essentially an Epic but with a 2/3rds sensor. That would do for 16mm what Epic has done for 35mm. Good times. Shooting to prores onboard would be excellent too ;).

    Loving the show guys. Keep em coming.

  3. Assuming the Scarlet goes with a large sensor the difference between it and the Epic would be marginal. BUT I hope and believe the MX sensor in the Epic is only a placegetter and with the Monstro upgrade the camera will reach it’s full potential. At this point the Epic will be THE camera to beat.

    While I won’t be buying the “lunar module” camera trolley I can really see advantages to this system. Many locations require traveling over rough terrain which means either a perilous and unstable trip on a traditional trolley which will soon be defeated by the terrain or multiple trips hand carrying the gear. This trolley would mean faster and safer access to difficult camera positions. If you only work studio it would be a waste of money but I have seen trolleys go over and with $100,000 worth of gear potentially onboard its not such a silly investment? When I win the lotto I will buy my assistant one.

  4. Really enjoy the RC’s, especially this one as I’ve been interested in the Scarlet for quite some time…however I actually wanted the 3k for £3k 🙁 due to the price, now it’s way out of my price range.
    So personally I’ll end up sticking with my Brevis adapter, unless I can hire something at some point, although I usually prefer owning my own gear.

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