The usual news, gear & ratholes, FCP's obituary plus Jason Diamond talks Epic.

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4 Responses to the rc#92: Funeral for a Friend

  1. Hi there,

    I couldn’t really wait to hear your comments on the FCP-X disaster….thanks for your thoughts.
    I heard already some nice interviews on Creative Cow and read some good articles.

    For a next episode I would love to hear something about:
    – Storm vs. FCP-X.
    – And I was missing how FXGuide/FXPHD is reacting to FCP-X, because I think a lot of your production is based on FCP 7, doesn’t it?
    – I think FCP-X can be great and I also wonder why it isn’t that ready yet, but what are the alternatives right now?

    Although this might be on a different podcast than RC…

    Thanks and greets, keep up the great work with RC.


    Posted by toodee on
    • John and Mike touch on points two and three in the latest FXPHD podcast if you have access to that:)

      Posted by Truls on
      • sadly they have seemingly chosen to restrict the podcast to people doing courses on fxphd

        Posted by kate on

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